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Chatting with Nicole Gaitan

We’re elated to be kicking off the summer season with our show, Two Hilltops, featuring Nicole Gaitan and Ryan Sharpe. We were really excited to chat with her about her life and the upcoming show. Make sure you stop by to see her work over the next couple months.

FSS: Nicole, tell us where you’re from.

Nicole: I’m one of the few born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. After a ten year stint in California, I decided it was time to return home to live a simpler life in the mountains. 60-hr work weeks as a yoga instructor weren’t cutting it.

FSS: So you’re back in your mountain town putting together a pretty prolific portfolio. What’s your schedule like when you’re not painting?

Nicole: I do the summer art circuit a bit… about 12 shows a season. Other than that I’m a pretty normal mountain girl. Lots of mountain biking, hiking, skiing. My dad was a fly fishing guide so I grew up in the outdoors.

FSS: Are you still connected to fishing?

Nicole: Not as much. But it did lead my Instagram to find Ryan Sharpe’s work. I’m really excited to be showing with him.

FSS: Any expectations for the opening? Are you excited to be coming to Boise.

Nicole: I’m really fired up. It’s gonna be especially great ’cause I’ve got a group of friends coming to support me. It’s a new market and any time I can get my art in front of new people and show them what I do it’s great.

Learn more about Nicole at her website.  And be sure to check out this video where Nicole talks about her work.


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