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Quick Talk with Ryan Sharpe

We’re very excited to have Ryan Sharpe bringing his unique brand of outdoor art to Idaho this week.  We had a chance to get him on the phone to ask a couple questions about his life, art and fishing. We thought we’d share since the show opens this week in downtown Boise. Don’t miss Two Hilltops with Nicole Gaitan at the Showroom.

FSS: Greensboro, North Carolina and all the fishing art…how’d that happen?

Sharpe: The social media world is a crazy thing. I’ve always been into fishing ever since my grandpa had me false-casting in the driveway. So when I posted some quick sketches and people were into them, it really drove me to get at the part of my life.

FSS: What were you doing at the time?

Sharpe: I was working as a metal fabricator.  It was a kind of a dramatic shift. But that’s how I started doing my metal sculptures.  That trade gave me the knowledge to “draw” on metal.

FSS: Your work does have a sharp edge (No pun intended).

Sharpe: Yeah, I think whats made it successful nationwide is the edginess…it definitely appeals to some of what is going on in the fishing industry.

FSS: Is that what’s going on with you apparel label “Deadweight Fly“?

Sharpe: For sure. I definitely want that to be a big part of my career in the future. It appeals to a younger crowd. It could be huge.

FSS: Any fishing trips lined up now that you’re with some big labels?

Sharpe: Yeah, I’m headed to Abacco with Oliver White. Not sure whats gonna come of it, but it should be sweet to chase some bonefish down on the flats.

FSS: So when you’re not doing destination fishing, what are you doing around Greensboro.

Sharpe: I used to be a professional golfer, so when I’m not fishing or drawing fish, I’m teeing it up somewhere.

FSS: No sh!t? What’d you shoot your last round and how many strokes did you leave out there?

Sharpe: 68 and there were a couple shots I missed.

FSS: Remind us not to gamble with you on the cut grass.

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